Currently // Week of July 25

Exploring: Denver! I'm in Denver, Colorado for the 5th Round of the Creative at Heart Conference and it's been a blast. I absolutely love being part of the C@H team and every time another conference comes and goes, I find myself wishing we could do it all over again. Denver has had amazing food, amazing beer (and cider), and an amazing amount of dogs. I find that the most important part of any city is the dog:people ratio, and I'm liking this one. Denver is an eclectic mix of shipping container-esque, very modern buildings and homes, and charming older buildings and homes. What's even better, I got to meet up with one of my Florence besties, Lauren! This reunion was SO overdue and it was so great to spend time with her. She showed us around her favorite spots and even invited us to her SUPER cute home.

Eating: I have been eating so. much. in Denver. There are so many delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants, I want to try them all! Honestly, what good is a new city if you can't taste your way through the local favorites? A few notable options, in case you're in the market to try something new - The Regional's Shrimp and Grits (located in Avanti), Linger's Devils on Horseback, Snooze's Bella Bella Benny, The Denver Biscuit's gigantic cinnamon roll, Lola's Avocado Fondue, and anything at the Little Man Ice Creamery. I also tried C Squared Cider's Ginger Cider and fell in LOVE. I'm a cider girl, but I don't like anything too sweet. This was just the perfect amount of sweet and flavorful. 

Working: Conference preparation is always a bit chaotic! I want to make sure everything is perfect for the C@H attendees, but balancing it with my day job can be tough. I'm working double time to get everything in order for the conference and also making sure I have a good schedule set aside for working while in Denver (aka working a lot of early mornings and late nights!). I am so thankful for a job that gives me the flexibility to travel and work remotely. It's been SUCH a lifesaver. It's easy to be stressed out while juggling multiple jobs, but I don't take it for granted how accomodating my co-workers and clients are!

Playing: John and his parents got me a camera for my 25th birthday!! I've loved learning how to use it, and now I'll be able to take cute (somewhat nice) pictures wherever we go! I'm excited to get better at it - I practiced in Denver and I think I did pretty well. A big thanks to Alicia, Andra, Kelly, and Laura for helping this novice :) We've got trips planned to Hilton Head Island, Charleston, Savannah, Pensacola, and Memphis this fall, so I'm hoping to have a lot of gorgeous pictures to fill up our frames! 

Reading: I just finished Frances Mayes "Every Day in Tuscany" - her second book based on "Under the Tuscan Sun." I just love Frances Mayes' books because they take me back to when I studied abroad in Florence, and all the fun times that came along with it. The way she describes Tuscany is SO accurate and reminds me of exactly the architecture, smells, tastes, and sights that I experienced while I was there. I feel like every time I start reading one of her books, I feel nostalgic until the last page. I need to start planning a trip back to Italy, I'm not sure it can wait until our world tour.  

Do you have any favorite spots in Denver? I'd love to hear them - I want to take Jay back soon! Here are some adorable BTS iPhone pictures from our welcome dinner at Teresa's beautiful home. I can't say thank you enough for hosting us! I'm so thankful to have met you!