Currently // Week of June 20

Listening: On Friday, we went to a Dave Matthews Band concert in Virginia Beach and had ourselves a mini vacay! I've been listening to DMB on repeat this morning, hoping to relive our fun weekend. Even though it rained all. day. on Friday, we had great weather on Saturday. I made a list of my Virginia Beach Favorites, in case you find yourself looking for fun activities or restaurants. 

Celebrating: My bestie Charlotte came into town last week and we spent the whole day together! She moved to South Carolina a couple years ago, so any time she comes to town I make sure to do anything and everything to see her! The day consisted of doing what we do best: eating and shopping. Since together time is precious, we had to hit all of our favorite spots. In addition to lots of laughing and talking, we had hibachi at Fujiya House for lunch, went shopping in Central Park, ate Carl's ice cream (a hometown favorite, of course!), and then ate again at Pubelo's for dinner. It was so great to see her and I just can't wait until we get together again!

Going: I'm excited to attend the School of Styling's Summer Bash this Thursday! Kat and I are headed to Raleigh for a (very) quick trip to see some of our favorite friends, learn a few new skills, and have a lot of fun at the cocktail party! I'm excited to see the Merrimon-Wynne House, which just looks like the most perfect, Southern, hospitable venue there could ever be! My Southern heart is beating just thinking about how gorgeous it is! I'll be working double time for my day job and for Creative at Heart, but any bit of travel makes me a happy girl. As excited as I am, trying to decide what to wear has proven difficult - the search for the perfect outfit continues.