Jambo (Mean Girls reference? Anyone?)! I'm so happy you stumbled across my little internet home and I hope you feel welcome to stay a while.

Here you'll find a home for my musings on being married, the quarter-life crisis, BHAGs, and all the adventures in between. We have a cute little home and two pups, and for right now, Jay and I are hoping to pay off our debt, travel the world, and agree on whether or not the bed needs to be made every morning (it does!), among other things. 


I value simplicity over chaos and I love anything that oozes Southern charm. Gift giving is my love language, but quality time is a close second! I cherish gratitude and humble souls. My heart is SO full when I travel to new and beautiful places, spend time with my family, and love on others. 

I enjoy long walks under shaded sidewalks with my husband and our pups, relaxing on the patio, the smell of Barnes and Noble, and spontaneous surprises.