About me

Hi there! I'm Allison Allison (yes, really!), a project manager by day, and a multi-purpose creative by night. A creative Swiss army knife, if you will. I am an ever-evolving generalist and I thrive on new challenges in my work.

When I'm not working in our nation's capital, you can find me assisting small businesses with their marketing, operations, and day to day tasks (or dabbling in creative writing) from the comfort of my local coffee shop. 

I'm a compulsive organizer, I value simplicity over chaos, and southern hospitality is my love language. I'm a firm believer in working hard and building a reputation as the go-to girl - for anything.

I'm passionate about helping others accomplish their goals and celebrating victories large and small. I'm known for using my positive attitude, professional experience, and innovative thinking - and perhaps most importantly, my team-first mentality.